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The Career Design Life Simulation: Digital

Looking for a way to communicate the skills message?

Riding on the wave of the digital revolution, we have taken our Career Design Life Game to the digital age and created the Career Design Life Simulation: Digital.

People learn best through experiential learning. This is what has made our in-person game enjoyable and the career design message so sticky. Our new digital version brings the best of technology to the original game. Players enjoy the simulation through an engaging journey AND it packs in more jobs, more skills and gives back more data using algorithms and data analysis.

While playing through a simulation of life, participants will be introduced to the skills message along with career design principles (Wit, Grit, Fit framework) via thoughtful game elements, charts and leaderboards. All jobs and skills are based on the Skills Framework, which was co-created by industry leaders, education institutions and the government for the Singapore workforce.

Where the in-person game has been:

What participants say about our in-person career game:

The learning journey has increased my awareness when it comes to planning for my future career pathways. Through games, I’ve also realized that each of us are different individuals with different aspirations and we must not succumb to peer pressure when it comes to choosing our career options.

Alan Gayles
Alan Gayles
15 year old, Changkat Changi Secondary School

The workshop confirmed our beliefs that success in life can be achieved when we work in industries that resonate with our aptitudes (SMARTs), interests and talents. While we still hold education as a priority, we felt that it is better to encourage our children on paths of their choosing.

Meiling Wong
Meiling Wong
Parent blogger at Universal Scribbles

Key features of the digital version:

  • Play on Mobile: Designed for remote workshops
  • Suited for ages 16-60: Engaging and intuitive interface
  • Create Character: Role-play as a unique character
  • Work: Gain skills and get promoted
  • Admin Panel: Customise games and view statistics
  • And many more features below…

Configure your player’s strengths, character and values.

Get creative!

Go from primary school to PhD.

Pick up skills in Polytechnic and University!

Identify your skill gaps against desired jobs in the Career Centre.

Find a job that matches your personal values.

Start working, earn money, gain work experience.

Get promoted and achieve your dreams!

Buy anything from budget travel to luxury homes.

And even upgrade your look!

Customize the game according to your players’ needs.

Use graphical analytics to drive discussions.

Motivate and challenge players with leaderboards.

Keen to try this out for your organisation or school?