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For Individuals

Our Career Adventure Tools

Use our free career tools to:

  • Perform skills gap analysis for your current or desired job
  • Prepare for your promotion
  • Identify upskilling needs
  • See similar jobs with more than 70% skills overlap
  • See skill requirements for specific jobs
  • [Coming soon] See recommended jobs based on your top skills

What are my 'Smarts'?

Employers recognise and pay us for our strengths. Knowing “what in the world am I the best at?” allows us to maximise our potential and satisfaction. 

This is what we’ve called “Wit” in our Wit, Grit, Fit framework.

Take this quick assessment to find out your unique ‘smarts’.

What is Career Design?

Career design is an essential life skill in our rapidly evolving and increasingly complex job world.

We believe that everyone should understand its basic building blocks.

To that end, we’ve simplified decades of academic research, combined it with up-to-date industry knowledge and created the Wit, Grit, Fit framework: