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For Organisations

The Career Design Life Game

We use gamification to help participants better understand the rapidly changing job market and mimics the actual world of school and jobs.

The game brings about career design principles – the Wit, Grit, Fit framework – which marries the best of solid academic research and up-to-date industry knowledge.

Our Career Adventure Tools

Your organisation can use our free career tools to:

  • Perform skills gap analysis against jobs
  • Identify upskilling needs
  • See similar jobs with more than 70% skills overlap
  • See skill requirements for specific jobs
  • [Coming soon] See recommended jobs based on the user’s top skills

Looking to conduct the Career Design Life Game for your students or employees?

Found our career tools useful? You can add them onto your website.

Have some specific needs we can help with? We are always open to new opportunities for collaboration.