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The Career Design Life Game

Created for the purpose of helping participants better understand the job market in today’s VUCA world, this game mimics the actual world of school and jobs.

The Career Design Life Game marries the best of solid academic research with up-to-date industry knowledge from top practitioners from different professional fields.

For example,

  • Career advancement methods differ in each job family and are designed by industry practitioners.
  • Character statistics are based on Howard Gardner’s theory of Multiple Intelligence and Paul Tough’s synthesis of Performance Character, and also drawn from a broader body of research on growth mindset and grit.
  • Real-world learning points, like the importance of continuous learning, are built in for participants to pick up through experiential gameplay.

At the end of the game, participants are invited to consider “Wit, Grit and Fit”: how their interests and skills may be gainfully employed for meaningful careers, what sacrifices they are prepared to make for that and what sorts of jobs are the best fit for them, and are given tools to continue exploring their Wit, Grit and Fit in the real world.

Why a Game?

In searching for a medium that helps students and professionals better understand and apply these key concepts of

we have found that educational live action role play (“Edu-Larp”) works well.

Edu-Larp has an inherent ability to flesh out a parallel world and actively engage participants. With its characteristic experiential learning, each participant takes away what he/ she needs most at that point in time.

Oh, and did we mention games are just really engaging and a lot of fun?

Here’s a summary of the Career Design Life Game,
as presented at the International Congress for School Effectiveness and Improvement:

Where the Career Design Life Game has been

  • The opening weekend at Singapore’s national level SkillsFuture Festival
  • Played with hundreds of secondary school students
  • Played with mid-career professionals, families and retirees
  • Presented and peer-reviewed at Northeastern University’s Role-Playing and Simulation Education Conference 2018

Collaboration Opportunities

Good things should be shared: we want to bring the game to more people!  If you are an educator anywhere in the world, we would love to explore how your students can benefit from this Career Design Life Game and the nifty tools we will be rolling out soon.

If you are a corporate looking to nudge your staff towards upskilling and better career management, we can help too.

Please contact us here.