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Career Design

With the 4th Industrial Revolution and rapid displacement of jobs, governments and businesses around the world are increasingly invested in getting more of their citizens/staff to take the initiative in re-designing traditional career paths, and to continuously upgrade their skill-sets.

There is much research on what it takes to achieve a meaningful, upwardly mobile career.

In her best-selling book “Lean In”, Sheryl Sandberg popularized the “jungle gym” concept, arguing that skill-sets and the right mindset were more relevant to career advancement than the old concept of climbing a ladder.

Professors all round the world contributed to the “how”, notably:

  • Dr Branton Shearer, building on the seminal work of Dr Howard Gardner, linked the suitability of jobs to a person’s multiple intelligence profile.
  • Dr Angela Duckworth and Dr Carol Dweck posited that grit and a growth mindset are amongst the most reliable predictors of life success.
  • Paul Tough added to these by identifying other traits like conscientiousness, curiosity, optimism, self-control and zest, under the umbrella of Performance Character – as critical success factors for a more fruitful life.
  • Richard Bolles provided very practical tools and tips on how to find the right role and maximize job satisfaction.
  • Professor Jim Bright wisely questions why our career guidance tools paint an unrealistically structured picture of what the working world looks like, and advocates that applying chaos theory may have a more useful outcome.

The problem is that the lay person reads only a fraction of these greatly useful works, if at all.  In fact, the segments of the population who need these messages the most – the relatively under-educated, the less vocationally mobile and less academically inclined students – are probably those that have the least access or inclination to read them.

At Avid Adventures, we sought to simplify the science for the layman.

Career design is an essential life skill in our rapidly evolving job world, and everybody should understand its basic building blocks.  And so our Wit, Grit, Fit framework was born.

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